High Point baptist camp meeting

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A place with a heritage of old time preaching, praying and praise.

To God be the glory !!!

    We will be meeting for prayer for the camp meeting on the first Saturday of each month.

Please join us at 10 AM at the camp meeting tabernacle the first Saturday in each month until camp meeting time.

The God we serve is able to awaken His people and stir them once again.

But, it will not happen until someone gets serious

Will you be that one?

For 45 years the High Point Baptist Camp Meeting has been an oasis for the weary saint. 

Some of the greatest preachers in America have delivered the         
Word of God under the tabernacle.

Many lost souls have been saved and many of God's people
have been refreshed as the Spirit of God moved.

The touch of God is still real and the God of heaven and earth is able to breath on His people in these last days.

Camp Meeting always starts the first Monday after Labor Day.

Services start at 7:30 PM

   Preachers for 2014

Bro. Joe Arthur  Sept. 8-9      Click for Harvest Baptist Tabernacle

Bro. Davy Shelton Sept. 10-12

Bro. Mark Stroud  Sept. 15-19

6607 Hayworth Springs Rd.
Jamestown N.C.